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Last updated on August 30th, 2019 at 10:16 am

So, technically, #clmooc starts tomorrow, and yet my Facebook stream seems to be flooded with posts from people doing stuff for #clmooc.

I’m actually rather lost in this whole process. I have no clue what #clmooc is. I don’t have a sense of what it involves, or what I need to do for it. Since they did talk about making in the introduction, I have a theory that I can use it to test out some of my ideas on how I want to go about making a couple of different eBooks. So, I’m entering into it with a project in mind.

But right now I’m feeling lost.

I’m feeling like people are starting different threads, here and there … tugging me in this direction and then in that direction … none of which leads to where I think I want to be going.

I’m thinking about the new person experience. #clmooc is flooded with people who have done it before. At the moment it feels like a private club in which I’m peering into. I dip my toes into the club (sorry about the mixed metaphors) by adding a song or pinning myself onto a map. But that doesn’t feel like connecting to me. I don’t feel any closer to the people involved.

I find myself wondering if what I want to do fits at all in this connected learning MOOC? Am I not artsy enough? Am I too practical?

How do I find a door into the course that feels more like what I’m looking for?

Perhaps waiting until the official start – tomorrow – to see if this makes any sense. Perhaps I suggest to those who have done it before to please try actively open doors for new people. Help us figure out what this is all about.

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  1. gz (@drgbz) Avatar

    Hi Rebecca,

    I hear what you’re saying. This is my first MOOC, and first #clmooc, ever. So I find it rather fascinating.

    Definitely, at times, it is clear that many people know each other. Though, from what I have experienced, it’s easy to wander up and ask people/tweet to people about stuff. From what I can tell, though, I’d think you already know several people involved. (Maha, Sarah,…)

    I don’t feel particularly artsy, and I feel like the MOOC allows me to make a bunch of stuff that sucks–it does not have to be great. I’m just trying to get my hands dirty and make a few things. Some good artifacts will come out, but also some weak things too. But the excitement comes in the exploration–for me at least.

    If you want to work towards eBooks, go for it! Work towards something, anything!

    In terms of sensibility, I don’t know that there’s much rational order here. But I don’t really expect that here, either. Instead, it’s like having a bunch of people trying things out, you look through the examples, and then say, I wanna remix that!

    If you wanna remix ebook templates, or whatever, put out a call or try it!

    Anyhoo, just wanted you to know that you are definitely not alone, it is easy to feel befuddled, but building/making can move that angst into feeling fantastic!


  2. Art Oglesby (@ARTiFactor) Avatar

    I started lurking within several cMOOCs almost two years ago. The performance bar seemed to be set pretty high. Lots of very cool people were doing very cool things. Like a baby, I first observed. Then, after lots of lurking, I decided to mimic what others were doing. “Learn by doing”. Don’t fear failure. Like riding a bike, you need to be willing to fail at first and maybe to fail often but practice eventually leads to mastery. To learn to be creative, practice creating (daily?) Mondays & Tuesdays are my days off so while waiting for this weeks make I am practicing what has been demonstrated so well here, encouraging others and building community.

  3. tellio Avatar

    It is a mansion with many rooms. No, that’s not a good metaphor. I think of CLMOOC as honest to goodness rhizomatic practice, an experience in the root. Practically speaking that means that ebooks are a grand door that you are opening for others to walk through, if you will, and a way of sharing your self and your interests. Right now I am working on a collaborative poem about the Charleston murders because I feel compelled to do so by circumstance. I invited whoever had time and inclination to add to in any way they wanted. Is it great? As a product it is ‘zero draft’ stage so its a little half-baked, but as an invitational process it feels great, embodied learning. Give the process a chance and I guarantee that there will be happy accidents and serendipities all around.

  4. Jeffrey Keefer Avatar

    As a fellow #CLmooc newbie myself, I just jumped in as a continuation of #rhizo15!

    I agree, a bit tough to get a handle on, though this page seems to have some useful resources (or at least I found them useful):

  5. Maha Bali Avatar

    What Susan said 🙂 except i jumped in right away (which was week 1 not pre-clmooc like now) and there were weeks i connected well and weeks i bowed out coz it didn’t meet my goals. You can do clmooc and connect a lot or u can do it and do ur own thing. For me, it helped me find the artsy in me, which I love. For you it may be something different.
    As a 4th run it’s already got a community (as you will see in the paper Mia Zamora and I co-authored with others); thr number of facilitators alone makes it feel huge. Clarifying your expectations and goals should help others connect with you.

    But it’s good you registered this. Rhizo must feel that way to ppl too, including you for rhizo15 as u mentioned somewhere

  6. Susan Avatar

    Rebecca- The first year that I did #CLMOOC, I felt confused, too. It’s not a course like I was used to. It was more of an experience. I didn’t understand what to do. It is sort of nonlinear. I don’t even know how I found out about it at first. But I am glad I did. I tried a few things and got positive feedback, but was not fully involved. It really is about having fun making things and interacting with people. Ebooks work! Anything works. It’s about the sharing and reflecting. The difference for me in these experiences is that people, real people, actually take the time to look at what you do and respond. You matter to #CLMOOC. I hope you will stick it out. It is sort of like watching a bunch of people you don’t know in a pool having fun, and wondering if you should jump in. Will they welcome you? YES! Will they play water polo with you? YES! Will they offer you a towel when you get out? YES! At whatever level you are comfortable with, you are welcome and welcomed. My second year, I jumped in with both feet and found out that people really did pay attention and respond to my writing. Do what you want (eBooks, etc.) but also try some new things. I am glad you pinned yourself to the map and added a song. The people I connected with last summer are people I now consider to be real friends, and we stay connected all year long, not just during #CLMOOC. WELCOME! I am glad you are here!

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