Looking for advice on class collaboration tool

I am designing an online course for a college certificate program on Engaging Mobile Learners. One of the activities in the course is to have learners investigate different mobile learning pedagogies, based upon the framework I start to described here – specifically – pedagogies that: replace, enhance, or transform learning activities. 

What I'm looking for is a good free online tool that allows learners to contribute content in a structured manner. This would be ideal for a wiki – however, my experience with Wikis is that most people don't know how to use them properly such that someone needs to spend a fair bit of time cleaning up the information that has been added. I'd rather have something that won't require too much of my time to manage the information being added.

I suppose I could use something as simple as a shared Google doc or Google spreadsheet.

I'm just wondering if there is anything else out there that might do a better job for what I want to do? An added bonus if it works well on a variety of mobile devices!

Any recommendations?


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