California Dreamin’

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On days like this …

I find myself California Dreamin'…

Back in early February (Feb 6-11), we spent a few days in Mountain View California and spent a day in San Francisco, exploring a little bit of what the city has to offer. We drove up into the Mountains and along the very scenic highway 1, and of course we had to rent bikes for a few hours. We did the tourist bike trek – a ride over the Golden Gate Bridge. The whole area is beautiful. Here are a few picture highlights.


View of Silicon Valley from the mountains to the west.

Sea gulls flying over the waterfront in Santa Cruz.

This guy parked a little too close the ocean!


We stopped for a walk at a secluded beach. It turned out to be a "hidden gem", Gray Whale Cove State beach.

Scott playin' the piano at Half Moon Bay State Park. (It's a temporary art installation, but the piano works, it's just getting more and more out of tune)


The Golden Gate Bridge, with a rower working hard against the tide.


The view from the middle of the Golden Gate Bridge.


Taking the trolley across the city at the end of the day.

After our short adventure in Mountain View and San Francisco, Scott was offered a new job (a transfer) in Mountain View, California. And with that, our new adventure begins. We will be selling our house here in Ottawa, packing up and moving to California. Scott will move sometime in early May. Becky is about to start a critical phase in her PhD, so she will remain in Ottawa for about a year, visiting Scott whenever she can, and making her big move once she has finished collecting her data for her PhD research.  

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