Epistemology – my journey begins

The following is part of a series of blog posts I wrote while taking an education PhD course on Epistemologies. A summary of all posts in the series is included in this paper: Developing an Appreciative Understanding of Epistemologies in Educational Research: One Blogger’s Journey

This semester I’m taking a course titled “Epistemologies of Educational Research”. As part of the course I’ve decided to keep a journal (that is, I shall blog) about my exploration into epistemology. I’ll be using my journal entries to inform my final assignment for the course, a paper and poster on my personal learning autobiography. I caution you that this might get pretty philosophical or academic at times. Still, I encourage comments and feedback, as it is through sharing and dialog that I learn. Feel free to leave encouraging notes in the comments at any time.

For each of my weekly posts, I shall be reflecting on the following questions:

  1. What does “the nature of knowledge” mean? That is, what constitutes “new knowledge”?
  2. What are my epistemological assumptions? How do these assumptions relate to my intended study of mobile learning?
  3. What new terms did I discover this week, and what areas require further investigation?
  4. What has changed this week w.r.t. my understanding of epistemology?

In addition to writing at least one weekly blog post here, I’ll also be capturing information using a tumblr mobile blog – http://rjhep.tumblr.com. The mobile blog allows me to capture short snippets, links, pictures, and audio clips whenever I’m inspired, anytime/anywhere.

Given my current course schedule and to allow for reflection time, I’m going to target Wednesdays for my weekly reflective post. So, now I must do some reflecting on how I’ll answer these questions this week!

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