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In my week 3 learning objectives post, I asked what technology others were using. Rebecca OGM mentioned Wordle in her post, and a lurker friend also mentioned it to me on Facebook. So I had to give it a try to see what it was all about. Honestly, I don't really get it. I decided to try pasting the text of all my #edumooc blog posts into the tool to see what came of it. After a little bit of tweeking, here is what I produced:

Wordle: Rebecca's #eduMOOC blog posts

It is interesting, and was fun, but I still don't see what the point is. I suspose I could use it for a title page for a presentation – that could be fun. So, those of you who actually use Wordle, what do you use it for?

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  1. David Green Avatar
    David Green

    I have used them as graphics for websites (no urls to cite presently) to convey the content.  The most recent one was in support a web page showing the career opportunities for Electrical Engineering students.  I put in phrases instead of just words" like  Power & Energy and Software Development.

  2. nicky duenkel Avatar
    nicky duenkel

    Have used it for presentations (as i already said!) — love the idea of using to make a visual of student feedback. May try that this year with peer feedback to instigate discussion… Am also thinking of asking students to use wordle as a launching point in terms of a visual to present their philosophies of education or worldviews, to others…

  3. Sean Abajian Avatar
    Sean Abajian

    Hi Rebecca, I love Wordle!  Great visuals for presentations. I've used it with a student surveys for the open question/commments.  It's also useful to quickly get a sense of trends from a source…e.g. a twitter feed or blog feed.

    1. Rebecca Avatar

      Per chance do you have an example of a survey that I can see? I don’t get how you would use it.
      For trends, I could see it, perhaps, as an interesting qualitative analysis tool. Plug in your transcripts and see what words pop out!

      1. Sean Abajian Avatar
        Sean Abajian

        I always like to to have one survey question that’s open for students to give their feedback, and I took that feedback and put it in Wordle. Here’s my 2min presentation with the Wordle: http://youtu.be/F-jOT6mcFPM?t=56s

        1. Sean Abajian Avatar
          Sean Abajian

          keep in mind this is for an ESL class….if you look closely there’s a couple misspelled words.

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