The Internet Generation

I’ve been wondering lately, how the Internet will affect the next generation of kids. Their entire lives are stored on the Internet. Parents start blogs with the kids names from the moment they enter the world. It’s a great way to tell family and friends what’s happening without having to make numerous phone calls. But I wonder what it will mean to the kids when they get older? Us older folks are often still hesitant to share much on the Internet, because the Internet is permanent. Today’s kids don’t get to make that choice, as they are displayed right from birth. Guess it will make it easier to find those embarrassing baby photos for their wedding! But how will it affect their search for a job? Will an Internet presence be necessary?

The other side effect of this, is does it cause to call home less? To stay less connected. We blog, so we keep everyone up-to-date on our lives, but is that a healthy way to maintain communication with family and friends?

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