Is it time to stop calling cMOOCs MOOCs?

OK, so this post may already be late – as I noticed in a post by Maha Bali today that she referred to rhizo14 not as a cMOOC but rather as a ‘connected course’. This morning, before seeing her post I had jotted down a ‘note to self’ regarding this post, commenting that perhaps it is time that we stopped calling connectivist style MOOCs, cMOOCs and instead started calling them ‘connected courses’.

I really like the new term, because it better describes the pedagogical intent, but also highlights the pedagogical innovation of the course. When the Stanford AI course usurped the term ‘MOOC’, all the creativity and innovation that was going into the pedagogy behind ‘connected courses’ was quickly lost in the ‘big data’ that was forming around the xMOOC movement. So, I am glad to see that finally a new term is emerging, one that better describes the phenomena of ‘connectivism’ that is occurring in some ‘connected courses’.

So, can we now please retire the term cMOOC and move on with creating some great innovative ‘connected courses’?

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  1. Matt Crosslin Avatar

    I like the term, but its has been used in education typically to refer to courses that connect across disciplines, or that share some common content.

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