‘the curriculum has become the community’ #rhizo14

When asked ‘what is the difference between #rhizo14 and other MOOCs’, I’m reminded of the community. A phrase that has been used for the ‘course’ is “the community is the curriculum”. Some rhizoers don’t necessarily feel like what we have is community, but I certainly do.

Two weeks ago, I was diagnosed with breast cancer (I’m blogging about it at http://bcbecky.com). It was through the #rhizo14 Facebook group that I was able to reach out to many of my virtual colleagues. I tried to casually mention my new blog and what was up, and immediately I felt support from the Rhizo folks. Several of them have sent me care packages and postcards. Their generosity and love warms my heart. I have been delighted and surprised by the support within that community.

We were brought together through an interest in talking about rhizomatic learning and different ways to approach education and open research. However, for me at least, the ‘curriculum has become community’, and for that I am grateful.

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  1. Michelle Pacansky-Brock Avatar

    I appreciate you sharing your diagnosis and how your sense of community is helping/supporting you. These gestures of sharing are brave and very important, as they shed light on the humanistic aspects of social technologies about which so many people still have superficial perceptions. Be strong, Rebecca. Sending you positive, healing thoughts — Michelle

  2. Sarah Honeychurch Avatar

    I’m not sure what #rhizo14 is, but you have all made my life so much richer in so many ways 🙂

    1. Maha Bali Avatar

      Good point, Sarah 🙂 maybe rhizo14 is “more than a community” (a play on the article title we just submitted). Reading this now, I sort of understand Scott’s latest blogpost, sort of.
      I remember a Jodi Picoult novel where an atheist tells the woman he loves “you ARE my religion”, and, strangely, for some of us, even though we have full lives with lots of people we know and love in 3D, I personally feel more mentally engaged with rhizo14, who, for me, “ARE my people” and I love the way Rebecca put it… That the curriculum has become community.

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