Nova Scotia – Day 2

Despite driving too much, today was an amazing day. My day was filled with wonderful food, wonderful views, and great conversations. What more could I ask for?

A portion of my day was spent in Halifax. First to pick up a fleece sleeping bag liner, as I froze last night. I've been using the same sleeping bag that we bought for our trip, so it is near the end of its life. With the added fleece liner, I hope to sleep warmer tonight. My second purpose for my trip to Halifax was to meet with an educational developer at Dalhousie University. This was the one “business” aspect of this trip, and I'm really glad I was able to do it. Thank you, Educational Developer at Dal who was willing to meet with me! I really appreciate it!

The biggest take-away I had from our discussion was that importance of making a personal philosophy of educational development statement for my CV. When I learned how to do a teaching dossier in the undergraduate teaching course I took last year, there was an emphasis on the need for a statement surrounding personal teaching philosophy. It wasn't that one was right or another wrong, more that some philosophies fit better within certain organizations and within certain fields. The same is true for educational development. Some philosophies of educational development will fit within an organization, and others won't. Developing a personal statement will help ensure that I find an organization that better aligns (and supports) my philosophy.

After my meeting, I drove down to Peggy's Cove. Last year, when we stopped there, I found the place to have a special energy about it. I felt it both mesmerizing and energizing. I felt that I could sit for hours and watch. This time, I found that Peggy's Cove was much calmer and much less energizing. I wonder if that it was just a less windy day, or if my experiences with the crazy surf in West Africa has changed my perspective. I do hope to get back to Peggy's Cove one or two more times on this trip. The place has a special connection for me, that I just can't explain.

Breakfast – fried sourdough bread topped with almond butter and seared pear. Yum!


Peggy's Cove on a pretty calm day.

Tonight's campsite at Groves Island Provincial Park.

My view as I wrote my evening reflections. It was even more spectacular in the morning!

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