Blogging from my iPad

I’m writing this post on my iPad. This is partially a test to see if it works, but also, to see how easy it is to blog from my iPad. On my next trip, I plan to only bring my iPad (not my computer). So, if I want to blog while I’m away (more like on my travel blog rather than here, at GoingEast), I’m going to have to do it from my iPad.

I’m using the iPad WordPress app (available for free). It appears to be much improved from the last time I tried to use it. The new version allows me to include photos and to preview my posts before publishing.

In addition to the WordPress app, I’ve also purchased the iPad Camera Connection kit. The Apple version of the kit (as opposed to the cheap knock off I picked up in China), is nice and small. I took a few pictures of the tulips while I was out riding earlier this week, just to test it out. Here is a picture.


The user interface from the WordPress app is a little confusing after you include a picture, as it seems that all you can do to get back to the edit screen is “publish”, which isn’t really what I want to do. Taking a closer look at the bottom menu bar, I can select the “edit” icon to get back into edit mode.

It only took me a few minutes to figure out the workflow to make this post. Overall, I think my blog post from the iPad is a success.

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  1. Nicky Avatar

    Wow! Had forgotten about all those amazing tulips!!!

  2. Meike Avatar

    WOOOOT! I’m trying to get into the habit of leaving my laptop at home on trips too. It’s much easier when it’s just for pleasure…for work, I still have a bit of anxiety.

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