How do I learn?

A question that keeps coming up on my classes is related to how I learn, such as "How would you describe your learning style?". Before I began my journey into educational research, I would have answered the question "I'm a kinaestheic learner", based simply upon the VAK learning styles that classifies all learners are either visual (learn from seeing), auditory (learn from hearing), or kinaestheic (learn from doing). But now, I know that this isn't such a simple question.

The way we learn is complex. It cannot simply be broken up into three "categories" or styles. I'm not convinced that these are even the best choice of categories. Another option is based upon multiple intelligences. This one says that we each have different "areas" where we are more or less intelligent – for example, some people are good at music, so they would be said to have a high level of musical intelligence. Although this works slightly better for me, it still doesn't seem to "fit" as an answer to how I learn. By the way, my three highest intelligences are: intrapersonal, interpersonal, and kinaestheic – based on a couple of tests. I would not have placed myself in those categories, such that I tried a different test, and got the same result!

Anyway, back to the question "how do I learn"? I learn best by teaching – and when I say teaching, I include teaching through the written word, not just within the classroom. I also learn by experiencing and reflecting upon that experience, and sharing my reflections. Perhaps that is why I find blogging such a powerful way of learning – because it lets me teach by reflecting upon my experiences in a public forum.

Does that make sense? How do you learn?

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