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I'm experimenting with the idea of moblogging, that is blogging from my mobile phone. The theory is that I can use my phone to blog from anywhere and that the device camera will let me easily capture content wherever I happen to be.

If it is not too difficult to do the I can see the potential for mobile learning. Especially since I get some of my best ideas while biking!

This post was generated on my android phone with the wordpress for android app, free in the market. So far I'm impressed with how easy it is.
What do you think? Is it worth trying out?

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  1. Apostolos K. Avatar

    It's definitely worth a try. This past week at the Campus Technology 2011 conference there were a number of sessions devoted to mLearning and mobile use on campus in general. One of the sessions had students ONLY use iPads for class content consumption *and* content creation.  Students in this journalism class were had to create articles, audio interviews and video interviews using their iPads, and they needed to post to the web only using their iPads.  When I have a moment I'll write a blog post about their findings 🙂

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