iPad:1, Printer:1

I’ve decide to try to keep score. One reason I bought that iPad was to reduce the amount of printing that I do. Every time I don’t print something because I use the iPad, the iPad gets 1 point. Every time I print when I could have used the iPad the printer get 1 point.

The iPad got a point when I marked up a conference schedule with which sessions I planned to attend. The challenge was that the description of the sessions was listed on earlier pages, and I found that I forgot the description by the time I flipped back to the schedule. Rather than printing, I decided to use my desktop to display the PDF and read the session, and my iPad (with iAnnotate) to mark up the schedule. Without the iPad, I would have had to print at least the schedule pages of the document.

However, the printer won for my class notes. In class, we discuss the readings. Since I may need to take notes during the discussion, I decided to print out my notes. I know that I could have just used the iPad, but I’m not comfortable enough yet with my ability to take notes in a timely fashion. Its OK for notes that aren’t important, but if I need to be able to use my notes without processing them (I may be required to report on the discussion within that class) I just don’t feel comfortable enough with the iPad.

So far, they are tied.  Let’s see what next week will bring.


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